3D LIDAR + RGB camera registration

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3D LIDAR + RGB camera registration


I have been trying to use pointcloud_to_depthimage to create a depth image from a Baraja LIDAR and a camera.

At the moment, the topic /image_raw is being published, but its all zeros. For reference the command I am running is:

"rosrun rtabmap_ros pointcloud_to_depthimage cloud:=/newCloud camera_info:=/camera_arena_node/camera_info _fixed_frame_id:=base_link"

I spent some time creating a node that takes the image and point cloud and ensures their time stamps are the same. This node then republishes the PointCloud2 message on /newCloud topic with an adjusted time stamp. The data on /newCloud and /camera_arena_node is valid and I can view it in rviz no problem.

If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions I would greatly appreciate them! - I have attached a link to a bag file with some data in it.