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Pose accuracy and scale

Steve Lee
Hello, I'm a beginner at rtabmap. Currently, robots are not used, but lids on the body Mapping in progress with L515 camera attached. I have a few questions about using the tool.

First, I wonder if there is a standard for judging the accuracy of poses. When coordinate values are generated, is there a criterion for determining whether the coordinates are correct?
Currently, I'm judging that the coordinates are accurate if the map is not distorted.

Secondly, I wonder how the coordinate values extracted by poses were scaled in preparation for reality.

Third, loop closure rejected phenomenon occurs frequently due to longer processing time. Even if the detection rate is reduced to 1 Hz, it often occurs, but I understand that it is caused by poor function of the PC. But if I can't change the PC right now, is there any way to improve it? If I need to improve my PC, which part should I improve?

If you have any information or documents related to this, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.