mapping in d435 in gazebo

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mapping in d435 in gazebo

Hi ,I want to map the mapcloud of the environment  in gazebo using my bot , my config include d435+odometry, which i want to use for navigation and mapping , following is my launch file ,but however i try i am getting error as below which i have no idea , please guide me ,what i need to add in launch file

 The time difference between rgb and depth frames is high (diff=0.013000s, rgb=0.507000s, depth=0.520000s). You may want to set approx_sync_max_interval lower than 0.01s to reject spurious bad synchronizations or use approx_sync=false if streams have all the exact same timestamp.

[FATAL] (2022-07-08 13:14:58.882) Memory.cpp:4387::createSignature() Condition (data.depthOrRightRaw().empty() || ( ( data.depthOrRightRaw().type() == CV_16UC1 || data.depthOrRightRaw().type() == CV_32FC1 || data.depthOrRightRaw().type() == CV_8UC1) && ( (data.imageRaw().empty() && data.depthOrRightRaw().type() != CV_8UC1) || (data.depthOrRightRaw().rows <= data.imageRaw().rows && data.depthOrRightRaw().cols <= data.imageRaw().cols)))) not met! [image=(640/480, type=16, [accepted=0,16]) depth=(1280/720, type=2 [accepted=2(depth mm),5(depth m),0(stereo)]). For stereo, left and right images should be same size. For RGB-D, depth can be X times smaller than RGB (where X is an integer).]