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Dynamic Factory Environment


I currently operate robot (drift drive) on dynamic environment within  factory.
robot using  rtabmap with 2d lidar and stereo camera ( rgbd ) with odom (wheel + imu) , every 2 day every machines on the floor will be move to another location except wall, I found the problem when
 all machines change and robot ran in  among of machines and lidar cannot see the wall at all, localization not doing good, plus factory floor sometime slip really bad.

I have own navigation waypoint system save from map frame after rtabmap created.
I need to reserved map frame, and fix bad localization problem

I have plan to do following
1.  place 2-3 markers on wall ( every 20 meters )
2. Using Mem/IncrementalMemory all the time ( Append mode )

Thank you in advance for your time and any guidance you can provide!
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Re: Dynamic Factory Environment


Having Mem/IncrementalMemory enabled all the time may result in an unnecessary large map. You may set it to true when you know that environment changed, then switch back to false.

Assuming the tags won't change, it can be a good way to make the new map aligned with the old one when it is visually or geometrically impossible to find a loop closure.

Other approach:
If you add tags around the working environment, you may not need to remap every time, it can do tag-only localization (you may disable loop closure detection Kp/MaxFeatures=-1 and proximity detection RGBD/ProximityBySpace=false) once in a while, while using odometry localization between the tag detections. For the floor slipping, you may use icp_odometry with your odometry as guess.