Stereo Outdoor Navigation Orientation Problem

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Stereo Outdoor Navigation Orientation Problem

Hello matlabbe,

I have seven questions:

(1) When I tried to use the StereoOutdoorNavigation, I am getting the error of obstacles_detection, disparity2cloud, and stereo_throttle nodelets not being found and the process died. I have tried reinstalling rtabmap_ros according to the sugestions available in this forum. However, they did not work. Therefore, I commented all those nodelet and just use move_base node according to tutorial. Everything works fine.

So, my question is how is that possibe, when in the yaml files of local_costmap_param says the cloud received from rtabmap_util/obstacles_detection node ?

(2) I am using base_local_planner in the launch file. The robot reaches the goal. However, it could not get the required orientation. I have attached the video relating to this. I have changed xy_goal_tolerances and yaw_goal_tolerances and other parameters. However, it has been difficult to obtain the required response.

(3) I have not used any rtabmap_costmap_plugins and costmap2d as well. When I use these plugins, local map size becomes as large as global map even though the size has been confined to 4 m by 4 m.

(4)  When the robot reaches the goal, it keeps rotating and deviates from the goal.

(5) Even though I have set holonomic to false, it is still behaving like that.

(6) How can I stop the rotation or motion when it reaches the goal?

(7) The rover in rviz always shows at the location from the last run. I use the 2D Pose Estimate. How can I make it localize itself at the beginning? When I used the other database, it used to localize itself.

Launch files and video:

launch file:




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Re: Stereo Outdoor Navigation Orientation Problem

(1) For the missing nodelets, you may have to update your launch file, they are not in rtabmap_ros anymore, but rtabmap_util package. You say it "works", is the local costmap really working? move_base doesn't complain about some topics not received?

(2) The example was using the local base local planner, you may try DWA instead, which is slightly easier to tune with rtq_reconfigure.

(3) Based on your config, not sure why the local costmap is not 4x4 meters. static_map: false and rolling_window: true should do the trick based on official doc.

(4) That is more a base local planner tuning to be done. You can use rqt_reconfigure to test different parameters live to see their effect and maybe fixing your issue.

(5) Use DWA and set same max limit for y and x, then the robot may do more strafing if it can.


(7) If visually the robot is able to do a global localization, it can localize on start. Maybe there are not enough distinguishable visual texture where it is started.