Use odom from camera or from lidar?

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Use odom from camera or from lidar?

Using Ros2 Humble, I'm trying to make a launch file for the d435 camera and VLP16 Velodyne. Should we use odom through Rtabmap from both and feed these into robot localization?

My camera doesn't have the IMU but the robot has a 9250 IMU. Is this helpful to Rtabmap? I see that you use the Madgwick filter for IMU.

I have better luck with the lidar data when slowing down the Velodyne rpm to 300. Perhaps this was because it was seeing the wireless antenna on the robot. (It has two small antenna.) Now I have the RangeMin set to 0.2.

I found the launch file for Ros1 that used this camera and lidar but this was for a hand-held unit, and Ros1 launch files are so different from Ros2!

I also wonder about using the 3d cloud info instead of the 2d scan topic. Wouldn't 3d be more helpful?

Thanks for the guidance!